Welcome to OperationABW!

OperationABW is a discussion and information site, all about older technology. It doesn't matter if it's your Pentium 4 era machine running Windows XP or your old DEC VAX running VMS sitting in your closet running a cluster of nonsense.

This site is technically still in development. Content will be posted, however an occasional site breakage will occur during weird times at night for the next few months. If you have theming or site suggestions, feel free to post in the "Comment Box" located in our fourms.


3...2...1... Launch!

By: noone on February 14, 2016

Good Morning Earth!

Welcome to OperationABW, this site has just launched and content will be trickling in as bugs are eventually worked out. This site is still in development and will be for some time, so links may occasionally break but the content should at least stick, hopefully. We will try our best to get things working, if you want to post content, please post it in the forum and we will link it on here.

This site was created by a guy who does 0 programming/webdesign for a full time or even part time job. It will be amazing if this thing stays together. If you've never heard of this site, have a look at the about page to find out what this site is and who we are.

New Images

By: Archived Posts on March 05, 2008

This post came from the original site and was archived for posterity sake.
The main website is undergoing complete and total renovation! It has been decided that OperationABW is going to abandon the "abandonware theme" since very few of the members even still had any interest in it. We are in the process of designing something new. This is not the end, this is a new beginning.

For now, you can still drop by the forums at www.oabw.net/bbs/.

New Images

By: Archived Posts on April 15, 2006

This post came from the original site and was archived for posterity sake.
We all need to get new images every once in a while! I tried to keep OABW's original feel, but guess what? I am adding a few additions. Maybe each new addition will enhance the site even more.

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