About Operation ABW:

OperationABW is a discussion and information site, all about older technology. It doesn't matter if it's your Pentium 4 era machine running Windows XP or your old DEC VAX running VMS sitting in your closet running a cluster of nonsense.

This is the 4th iteration of this site. The first iteration of this site existed in 2005 when a handful of teenagers decided to try and run their own abandonware site. A few other iterations passed, the site was then neglected, and eventually the only thing remaining was the forum. The forum was eventually closed due to the administrators no longer having time to run it.

Fast forward to New Years 2016. Two former admins of OABW decided that maybe it was time to try this again but focus more on analyzing ancient technology and providing a place to discuss vintage computing all in one place.

For those questioning why we're still called OperationABW and not something else now, we didn't want to buy another domain name and we certainly didn't want to give up a 4 character domain name. At one point we owned both oabw.com and oabw.net however someone didn't pay their bills and it got nailed by a squatter almost immediately after it expired.

The Staff:

Kirk - Owns and maintains the server this site is hosted on. Does stuff like this as a full time job.
noone - Forum janitor, content producer and tinfoil hat wearer. Designed this site and maintains most of the content. Doesn't do web design or server management for a full time job.

If you enjoy anything on this site or forums, please feel free to drop a donation in the Bitcoin tip jar (coming soon when we have more content).